Interview with Dr. David Voran

Dr. David Voran is the Medical Director of Clinical Process Improvement at Heartland Health. He presented at CHC with Director of uCern Brian Carter on the topic of “Social Media in Healthcare.” Dr. Voran is extremely adept in these channels and maintains a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a blog. I spent a couple minutes talking with him after his session, which was extremely insightful on the role of social media in healthcare.

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Keynote Speaker – Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel

When we sought out a speaker for CHC this year, we wanted someone who has the ability to tell an engaging story of how Cerner partners, clients and associates can get connected. We immediately turned to Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image.

From his blog, Six Pixels of Separation:

When Google wanted to explain online marketing to the top brands in the world, they brought Mitch Joel to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. Marketing Magazine dubbed him the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” and called him, “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries.” In 2006 he was named one of the most influential authorities on Blog Marketing in the world. Mitch Joel is President of Twist Image – an award-winning Digital Marketing and Communications agency. He has been called a marketing and communications visionary, interactive expert and community leader. He is also a Blogger, Podcaster, passionate entrepreneur and speaker who connects with people worldwide by sharing his marketing insights on digital marketing and personal branding. In 2008, Mitch was named Canada’s Most Influential Male in Social Media, one of the top 100 online marketers in the world, and was awarded the highly-prestigious Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 (recognizing individuals who have achieved a significant amount of success but have not yet reached the age of 40).

We at Cerner are extremely excited to have Mitch share the message of his recently released book, Six Pixels of SeparationEveryone is connected. Connect your business to everyone. We are looking forward to hearing his ideas during his opening keynote message Sunday, October 4. CHC Attendees will hear first-hand how to easily apply his methods in their own organizations.

Collaboration between Cerner users is already occurring in uCern. Be sure to sign up and be a part of the conversation!

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Do uCern?

Social media is changing the way the world does business. A hundred years ago, getting the word out across the country (nevermind the world) about a new invention or idea took decades. With wide-scale adoption of television and telephones, the timescale compressed to years, a marked improvement. When the Internet reached near ubiquity at the beginning of the 21st century, the timescale shrunk to  months. Now, social media allows new ideas and improvements on them fly around in hours and days. The rise and fall of a new innovation can be tracked in a matter of months. Discovering what other people know, and sharing what you know, is simpler than ever.


I am working on what, for me, is the most exciting thing I’ve done in my almost ten years at Cerner. uCern is Cerner’s collaborative network, connecting Cerner associates, Cerner clients, and industry partners to solve the difficult challenges facing healthcare. It was launched to several partner clients in July of this year, and made broadly available just two short weeks ago. As of this writing, uCern has 22,200 members ranging in roles from physicians and nurses to Cerner software architects and healthcare executives. These members are engaging with each other every day and finding better, faster, and more effective ways to do their jobs. If you haven’t joined uCern, visit the site today and sign up for an account!

uCern is going to be a HOT topic this year at the Cerner Health Conference. You’ll see uCern highlighted in several sessions, and will have the opportunity to meet the developers and strategists that made uCern a reality. Come find the uCern team in the solutions gallery throughout the conference to get help registering for uCern, signing up for the best communities on uCern, making connections with other people like you on uCern, or even just to get help designing your own personalized homepage.  If you’re already on uCern, CHC is a great opportunity to meet the people behind the avatars and catch up real-time.  I’m the grey cat…

See you at CHC ’09!

Brian Carter
Director of uCern

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