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Education Sessions and Slides Now Available!

This year we are proud to offer slide articulations from the 2009 Cerner Health Conference (CHC). Slide articulations are presentations that have been synchronized with the corresponding audio. They can be found in the Slide Articulation document in the 2009 Cerner Health Conference Attendee uCern group.

Education session slides can be found under the corresponding track document in the 2009 Cerner Health Conference Attendee uCern group.

Not a member of uCern?

Register today to start making connections and receiving benefits. There is no cost to register. Just visit the uCern registration page.

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A Preview of the uDevelop iAware Booth


With CHC just a few short days away we thought we’d give you a preview of what you can expect to see at the uDevelop booth.

What is iAware?

CareAware iAware™ is an application platform which provides a rich set of platform and business services enabling the development of integrated, clinically relevant workflows. The iAware platform helps pull together data from various sources such as EMRs, medical devices, and centralized data sources in order to deliver relevant information in a timely manner.

What’s new in the iAware platform 3.0 release?

We’ll be explaining how we’re bringing uDevelop on uCern and iAware together to allow you to create your own gadgets within iAware. Familiar with mPages? We’ll show you how to create an iAware gadget around an mPage so that you can use it within iAware.

With all of these new gadgets you’re going to need a way to organize and lay them out in an intelligent and contextually aware manner. You’ll learn how topics and perspectives are used within the platform to keep your gadgets organized.

uDevelop T-Shirt

So, stop by our booth in the Solutions Gallery and say ‘hi’ and get your very own uDevelop Developer shirt (sorry, domo not included). We hope to see you all next week in the uDevelop booth! Oh, and be sure to follow @iaware on Twitter!

Kevin Shekleton
Software Architect
iAware Development

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Luke Schnoebelen on uCern

uCern is the future of the collaborative healthcare network — connecting entire healthcare organizations to Cerner, connecting Physicians to Patients, connecting teachers to students. uCern is the place where all this can happen. We have a great group of clients currently using uCern and I’m sure at and after the Health Conference we will see many more using uCern in the office and at home.

Since I’ve been a member of the uCern team I have been able to see uCern grow from the ground up. I have been lucky to have been involved with the client uCern implementations from the beginning. We started at Eastern Maine and since then I’ve been to DMC, BayCare, Clarian, North Kansas City, Tri-City and UAB. At every implementation we have had a fabulous response from our clients. From having a client find something easier using the Search tool within uCern to having multiple clients create groups that grow rapidly and help their current and future projects.

I believe that uCern will become a vital link at hospitals and clinics around the globe. It will knock down the waiting room walls and voices will be heard. Some will use uCern to get a message out, some will use uCern to get their questions answered. I think the future of uCern is very bright and am really excited to showcase it at CHC. Be sure and stop by the uCern booth at the Solutions Gallery and say Hello!

Luke Schnoebelen
uCern Experience

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Do uCern?

Social media is changing the way the world does business. A hundred years ago, getting the word out across the country (nevermind the world) about a new invention or idea took decades. With wide-scale adoption of television and telephones, the timescale compressed to years, a marked improvement. When the Internet reached near ubiquity at the beginning of the 21st century, the timescale shrunk to  months. Now, social media allows new ideas and improvements on them fly around in hours and days. The rise and fall of a new innovation can be tracked in a matter of months. Discovering what other people know, and sharing what you know, is simpler than ever.


I am working on what, for me, is the most exciting thing I’ve done in my almost ten years at Cerner. uCern is Cerner’s collaborative network, connecting Cerner associates, Cerner clients, and industry partners to solve the difficult challenges facing healthcare. It was launched to several partner clients in July of this year, and made broadly available just two short weeks ago. As of this writing, uCern has 22,200 members ranging in roles from physicians and nurses to Cerner software architects and healthcare executives. These members are engaging with each other every day and finding better, faster, and more effective ways to do their jobs. If you haven’t joined uCern, visit the site today and sign up for an account!

uCern is going to be a HOT topic this year at the Cerner Health Conference. You’ll see uCern highlighted in several sessions, and will have the opportunity to meet the developers and strategists that made uCern a reality. Come find the uCern team in the solutions gallery throughout the conference to get help registering for uCern, signing up for the best communities on uCern, making connections with other people like you on uCern, or even just to get help designing your own personalized homepage.  If you’re already on uCern, CHC is a great opportunity to meet the people behind the avatars and catch up real-time.  I’m the grey cat…

See you at CHC ’09!

Brian Carter
Director of uCern

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