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A Preview of the uDevelop iAware Booth


With CHC just a few short days away we thought we’d give you a preview of what you can expect to see at the uDevelop booth.

What is iAware?

CareAware iAware™ is an application platform which provides a rich set of platform and business services enabling the development of integrated, clinically relevant workflows. The iAware platform helps pull together data from various sources such as EMRs, medical devices, and centralized data sources in order to deliver relevant information in a timely manner.

What’s new in the iAware platform 3.0 release?

We’ll be explaining how we’re bringing uDevelop on uCern and iAware together to allow you to create your own gadgets within iAware. Familiar with mPages? We’ll show you how to create an iAware gadget around an mPage so that you can use it within iAware.

With all of these new gadgets you’re going to need a way to organize and lay them out in an intelligent and contextually aware manner. You’ll learn how topics and perspectives are used within the platform to keep your gadgets organized.

uDevelop T-Shirt

So, stop by our booth in the Solutions Gallery and say ‘hi’ and get your very own uDevelop Developer shirt (sorry, domo not included). We hope to see you all next week in the uDevelop booth! Oh, and be sure to follow @iaware on Twitter!

Kevin Shekleton
Software Architect
iAware Development

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Interviews from the Solutions Gallery Build

Director of Marketing Angela Betts once again brings us an update on the progress being made in the Solutions Gallery at the Kansas City Convention Center.

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What a difference a day makes

I’ve started stopping by the Solutions Gallery each morning on my way to work, just to see the progress. Obviously, a lot has been accomplished since the build started last weekend.

Tuesday Morning:

Solutions Gallery on Tuesday

Wednesday morning:

Solutions Gallery on Wednesday

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Luke Schnoebelen on uCern

uCern is the future of the collaborative healthcare network — connecting entire healthcare organizations to Cerner, connecting Physicians to Patients, connecting teachers to students. uCern is the place where all this can happen. We have a great group of clients currently using uCern and I’m sure at and after the Health Conference we will see many more using uCern in the office and at home.

Since I’ve been a member of the uCern team I have been able to see uCern grow from the ground up. I have been lucky to have been involved with the client uCern implementations from the beginning. We started at Eastern Maine and since then I’ve been to DMC, BayCare, Clarian, North Kansas City, Tri-City and UAB. At every implementation we have had a fabulous response from our clients. From having a client find something easier using the Search tool within uCern to having multiple clients create groups that grow rapidly and help their current and future projects.

I believe that uCern will become a vital link at hospitals and clinics around the globe. It will knock down the waiting room walls and voices will be heard. Some will use uCern to get a message out, some will use uCern to get their questions answered. I think the future of uCern is very bright and am really excited to showcase it at CHC. Be sure and stop by the uCern booth at the Solutions Gallery and say Hello!

Luke Schnoebelen
uCern Experience

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Building the Solutions Gallery

Grid Layout

The CHC Solutions Gallery started setup on Thursday, September 24. Thursday was spent having all of the Cerner and partner freight unloaded at Bartle Hall in preparation for work on Friday, which was spent rigging the truss for our lighting and sound in the Gallery. It was great to have our lighting partner in early this year so that we were able to get more done early on! Also on Friday, our exhibit partner, Derse, also marked the floor for all of the electrical and internet throughout the Gallery.

Saturday was a busy day. We had our first crew of labor here to assemble and hang the large canopy structures and the grid in the center. We’re really pleased with the grid structure and how the colors turned out. By the end of the day yesterday the aisle signage, canopies, and grid were all rigged and the Cerner tech team was able to work on laying all of the cable.

Sunday began with rigging all of the remaining hanging signage in the Gallery. Each of the 15’ area labels for the spaces under the canopies was rigged before lunch today. The Cerner tech team finished their work putting down all of the Cat-5 cable this morning as well. We are using over 10,000 feet of cable and have 110 power drops to support the 128 Cerner demo pods and the 7 Smart Rooms. This afternoon George Fern is laying out over 90,000 square feet of carpet padding. We will finish the padding today – and if done in time we will start putting carpet down.

The Derse team has been pulling and preparing the Cerner demo pods from their crates and will begin working on the flooring for the Smart Rooms once the carpet and padding are down. Hall C, the dining hall, is completely ready with carpeting and pipe and drape as well!

Solutions Gallery Build

It’s coming along.

Katie Leary
Sr. Program Coordinator

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Video update from Angela Betts

Director of Marketing (and CHC) Angela Betts gives a quick video update. The Solutions Gallery started to take shape over the weekend and we’ll be updating the blog regularly with previews of what to expect at CHC.

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Get Connected with HIE

CHC is the best place for healthcare organizations to explore how Cerner continues to connect outside the four walls. This year’s theme — Get Connected — is especially fitting with growing attention to a nationwide healthcare information system that spans across IT platforms.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a core component of the development of this system that promotes connectivity among users of healthcare IT. A successful HIE strategy makes all relevant patient information available where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and by whom it’s needed. Simple, right?

One session in this year’s Power Session lineup is dedicated to HIE best practices. During this session, you have the opportunity to hear from thought leaders of HIE strategy and how they’ve rallied multiple organizations, both private and public, to participate in successful, sustainable HIEs. One health information organization (HIO) will divulge the value of ROI data to financial viability, while another HIO will describe its impact to ambulatory EMR adoption.

You can also learn more about Cerner’s facilitation of HIE in the Interoperability Pavilion in the 2009 Solutions Gallery.  While you’re there, you might just overhear a conversation about the latest health reform and how your organization may qualify for meaningful use requirements.

Bob Robke
Vice President, Cerner Corporation

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