Refillable Water Bottles at CHC


At CHC this year, as part of the Cerner Gone Green initiative, we are committed to hosting a more earth-friendly conference, improving the environment and our community. You’ll see multiple green initiatives underway at CHC this year, including the placement of recycle bins around the convention center, printing the CHC Daily newspaper on recycled paper and reducing paper used, e.g., providing session descriptions online instead of in print.

In concert with these efforts, we are providing water coolers instead of water bottles at beverage breaks and networking events. In the U.S., only 23 percent of water bottles are recycled, leaving 38 billion water bottles filling up landfills every year. It takes about a 1,000 years for a water bottle to start decomposing.  Tradeshow events are historically poor recycling events, with most waste ending up in trash cans.

In their CHC registration bag, client attendees will receive a washed and sanitized refillable aluminum water bottle for use during the event.  You can fill these bottles at the water coolers or use recyclable cups available at the water coolers.  Please use your aluminum bottles.

Thank you for your support as we continue to enhance Cerner’s overall green initiatives.

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