A Preview of the uDevelop iAware Booth


With CHC just a few short days away we thought we’d give you a preview of what you can expect to see at the uDevelop booth.

What is iAware?

CareAware iAware™ is an application platform which provides a rich set of platform and business services enabling the development of integrated, clinically relevant workflows. The iAware platform helps pull together data from various sources such as EMRs, medical devices, and centralized data sources in order to deliver relevant information in a timely manner.

What’s new in the iAware platform 3.0 release?

We’ll be explaining how we’re bringing uDevelop on uCern and iAware together to allow you to create your own gadgets within iAware. Familiar with mPages? We’ll show you how to create an iAware gadget around an mPage so that you can use it within iAware.

With all of these new gadgets you’re going to need a way to organize and lay them out in an intelligent and contextually aware manner. You’ll learn how topics and perspectives are used within the platform to keep your gadgets organized.

uDevelop T-Shirt

So, stop by our booth in the Solutions Gallery and say ‘hi’ and get your very own uDevelop Developer shirt (sorry, domo not included). We hope to see you all next week in the uDevelop booth! Oh, and be sure to follow @iaware on Twitter!

Kevin Shekleton
Software Architect
iAware Development

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