Building the Solutions Gallery

Grid Layout

The CHC Solutions Gallery started setup on Thursday, September 24. Thursday was spent having all of the Cerner and partner freight unloaded at Bartle Hall in preparation for work on Friday, which was spent rigging the truss for our lighting and sound in the Gallery. It was great to have our lighting partner in early this year so that we were able to get more done early on! Also on Friday, our exhibit partner, Derse, also marked the floor for all of the electrical and internet throughout the Gallery.

Saturday was a busy day. We had our first crew of labor here to assemble and hang the large canopy structures and the grid in the center. We’re really pleased with the grid structure and how the colors turned out. By the end of the day yesterday the aisle signage, canopies, and grid were all rigged and the Cerner tech team was able to work on laying all of the cable.

Sunday began with rigging all of the remaining hanging signage in the Gallery. Each of the 15’ area labels for the spaces under the canopies was rigged before lunch today. The Cerner tech team finished their work putting down all of the Cat-5 cable this morning as well. We are using over 10,000 feet of cable and have 110 power drops to support the 128 Cerner demo pods and the 7 Smart Rooms. This afternoon George Fern is laying out over 90,000 square feet of carpet padding. We will finish the padding today – and if done in time we will start putting carpet down.

The Derse team has been pulling and preparing the Cerner demo pods from their crates and will begin working on the flooring for the Smart Rooms once the carpet and padding are down. Hall C, the dining hall, is completely ready with carpeting and pipe and drape as well!

Solutions Gallery Build

It’s coming along.

Katie Leary
Sr. Program Coordinator

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